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Getting Started

System Requirements

  • Node.js 16 LTS or higher
  • Postgres 9.x or higher
  • If you use Redis, please make sure the version should be 4.0 or higher.

Compatibility Requirements

Collaboration Add-on requires a compatible version of the Foxit PDF SDK for Web.

Here is the compatibility chart.

Collaboration Add-onFoxit PDF SDK for Web

Project Structures

There are two ways to get Foxit Web Collaboration Add-on.

The package contains the following folder structure:

docs                  -- API reference and developer guide
web-collab-client -- collaboration client module
web-collab-server -- collaboration server module
collab-db -- collaboration db setup and migration
collabClientSample/ -- collaboration client demo component
collabServerSample/ -- collaboration server demo component

Quickly Run Demo

Foxit Web Collaboration Add-on comes with a demo project for building the real-time document collaboration functionality.

To run the demo, please follows the steps as below:

  1. Install Nodejs, prefered version: nodejs 16 lts or higher. If you already have a Nodejs installed, please skip this step.

  2. Install Postgres, prefered version: 9.x or higher. If you already have a postgres database running or installed Docker, you can skip this step.

  3. To start a command prompt as an administrator, navigate to the project root, and run the command : npm install.

  4. If you are using Docker, you should set up a database with Docker.

    In the project root, install database: (The default port of the database is 5432)

    npm run collab-cli setup-local-db

  5. Run the demo.

    In the project root, start samples/collabClientSample:

    npm run start:sample-client

    In the project root, start samples/collabServerSample:

    npm run start:sample-server

After starting the collabClientSample and collabServerSample successfully, open http://localhost:3000/ on your browser, then you can see the demo entry.